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We are a full-service acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine primary care wellness clinic conveniently located in Arlington, Virginia. We treat joint pain, including back and neck pain, arthritis and migraine pain, allergies, fertility issues, weight loss, and surgery-related issues.

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Treatments calm the mind, resolve pain, handle disease, and control chronic illness. While we may still have questions about how acupuncture works, there’s no longer any doubt that it does.

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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial muscles and the skin are closely related to the internal organs, meridians, and Qi energy of the body. Traditional skin care alone can’t effectively address drooping facial muscles, tiny wrinkles, uneven color and texture of our skin as we age.

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Fertility Treatments

Dr. Ana’s first infertility patient was her daughter. A serious car accident left Tammy with debilitating back pain and an inability to conceive. Acupuncture and herbs successfully treated her back pain, and 12 months later, Rece Montgomery was welcomed into the family.

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Weight Loss

Tired of the constant ping-pong of the typical weight-loss programs? We offer a more effective and permanent solution. Eat for optimum health according to the 5-Flavors balance as taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Pain Management

Pain management through Chinese medicine includes acupuncture treatment as well as heated herbs applied topically, gentle massage techniques around the area of pain, and proper exercise.

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Clinic Babies

We understand that your journey to fertility is unique…