Chinese Medicine Works With Your Body for Reproductive Health

Dr. Ana with one-week-old Scarlett Elizabeth

We can help your dreams of a new baby come true by effectively treating your inability to conceive. After conception, our treatments support your goal for a healthy pregnancy and a depression-free postpartum.

Acupuncture treatments work to normalize each of the four phases of your cycle: In the menstrual phase, treatments insure good quality energy (QI) and blood, improving the menstrual flow. In the follicular phase, treatments support healthy ovaries, supplement body fluids and improve egg quality. In the ovulatory phase, treatments support the ability of your body to release the egg. In the luteal phase, treatments aid the endometrium reception to implantation and improve blood flow to the uterus.

A baby is laying on the chest of its mother.
Dr. Ana with one-week old Scarlett Elizabeth

Acupuncture & Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

Chinese medicine works with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) to treat the body, mind, and spirit holistically. Using specific acupuncture points and herbal formulas, traditional Chinese medicine achieves general health benefits and endocrine system balancing. Acupuncture reduces the stress load of infertility, making life during ART less emotional, pregnancy easier to achieve, and postpartum recuperation faster.

Herbs are non-toxic, gentle medicine because it’s simply concentrated plants. Herbs can prevent miscarriage, and together with acupuncture treatment, herbs increase pregnancy rates in ART by 65%. Some endocrinologists advise against the use of herbs because the action of herbs has not been tested in western-style, controlled laboratory studies. If this is your situation, we advise you on the Energetics of Foods to increase fertility.

Therapeutic treatments work to help you with fertility.

A baby is sleeping on the mother 's chest.

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After I had my first baby I had gained so much weight that I also suffered from depression. I joined the food, exercise and health coaching program at HBC and after six months I was fifty-five pounds lighter! At conferences a year later, people who knew me well didn't recognize me until they heard me speak, and then they were speechless!

- Sharon (38 yrs.), Weight loss

At 40, my husband and I were excited to start a family and while we knew it might not be easy, we were hopeful that we could conceive naturally. When it didn’t happen immediately, Dr. Ana encouraged us to not give up on our dream, and kept us hopeful. To our absolute delight and surprise, after 18 months I conceived and our one-year-old Gracie is our greatest treasure. Anyone else might think we are crazy, but at 43 my husband and I are back at HBC and hoping for a second natural conception and healthy pregnancy.

A woman holding a baby in her arms.

Clinic Babies

We understand that your journey to fertility is unique…