Success Stories

Nothing makes us smile more than reading the wonderful comments by our patients. Let us help you! Contact us or call 703-528-8272 to schedule an appointment.

  • “Deaths of close loved ones, including my son, and a divorce had me suffering emotionally. Though I was seeing a counselor I couldn’t seem to rise above it all. It was my counselor who actually recommended Dr. Ana. Did it work? After one treatment I knew I was going to be o.k. Several treatments later I was my old self so much so that I was back to hiking, snorkeling on vacation, flying to visit my daughter, lunching with old friends and enthusiastic about my teaching profession. The people here are my second family; this clinic is my second home and place of refuge.”
    - Cindy (64 yrs.), Depression
  • I have chronic sinus problems and nothing my doctor gave me was working anymore. A friend suggested acupuncture and Heavenly Bodies Clinic. I felt instant relief after the first treatment. Now I plan to take my husband there for his seasonal allergies. What a wonderful family clinic!
    - Donna (64 yrs.), Chronic sinus problems
  • “My back pain was level 10 for so long I began to think I would never be able to live a normal life. I met Dr. Ana at a Community Farm Food distribution event and after sharing a little of my story, she invited me to come see her at her clinic. Dr. Ana laid out a team plan and within a few months I was fully operational and at level 2 pain. It was like a miracle! Along with my family, I have since moved out of the DC metro area, to a calm Florida neighborhood with a pond behind my house and I am totally pain free.”
    - Carrie (35 yrs.), Back pain
  • “You have no idea how scary it is to have such severe pain that you can’t walk. When being on your feet all day is your profession, the fear is doubled. Absolutely no medication worked and I was getting desperate when I went to Heavenly Bodies Clinic. Four treatments and to my total surprise and disbelief, except that I was experiencing it, I had no absolutely no pain. I would say to everyone with any kind of pain, but especially foot pain, RUN don’t hobble to see Dr. Ana.”
    - Larry (42 yrs.), Foot pain; plantar fasciitis
  • “After back surgery, every test known to western medicine, and consults with 5 different specialists, I was told there was nothing that could be done about my pain. I was told it was going to get worse and I was going to have to live with it. That was seven years ago—BEFORE I started treatments with Dr. Ana and the team at HBC. My story of healing can be summed up in what I did last weekend…a 13 mile bicycle ride across varied terrain, with my 45 year old son!”
    - Carolyn (70 yrs.), Arthritis; depression; joint pain