Success Stories

Nothing makes us smile more than reading the wonderful comments by our patients. Let us help you! Contact us or call 703-528-8272 to schedule an appointment.

  • I called back to go on record that after this mornings treatment I’ve gone all day without any pain in my knee! What did you do? I was going to call and check into knee surgery knowing that it would be very difficult for me to recover from it but, worried about spending my last years not being able to walk without pain. Now I’m actually hoping that I might not need surgery.
    - Ana (88 yrs.), Crippling knee pain; arthritis
  • One year after decompressive laminectomy surgery to fix the daily, relentless back pain, I was still massively uncomfortable every minute of the day. I had no hope of ever being pain free. It was my athletic son who badgered me into getting my first Thai massage. After 2 massages I had notable improvement and after 4 massages I continue to be amazed that I am back to a life that is totally free of pain for days and now weeks!
    - Thomas (67 yrs.), Chronic back pain
  • I suffered through 8 years of pain after a car accident and during that time every treatment I got was supposed to help but they made me worse, including surgery to fuse my spine. From my very first treatment Dr. Ana was able to help me and after 4 months I am off all eight prescription pain medication I was taking. Dr. Ana and the team at Heavenly Bodies Clinic are like no other!
    - Kerri (38 yrs.), Right side pain after car accident
  • Dr. Ana and her colleagues have seen me through serious health and emotional issues and have kept me so that I am well able to meet the ongoing challenges that life, personal and work, bring. I would not be as healthy as I am today without the care, and the personal concern for my wellbeing that all the therapists give me.
    - Susan (50 yrs.), Depression
  • “Scoliosis as a kid, and multiple surgeries to correct it, left me with debilitating back pain. After a full treatment plan at HBC I was back to 100% energy, ability to work a full day, and happy. With no back pain, and a new husband, I began to consider getting pregnant. My pregnancy was normal in every way, nausea at first and discomfort as my body grew…but absolutely no back pain! My baby is 9 days old and I’m a proud and pain-free new mommy. Thank you Team HBC!”
    - Gina (32 yrs.), Post surgery pain