Success Stories

Nothing makes us smile more than reading the wonderful comments by our patients. Let us help you! Contact us or call 703-528-8272 to schedule an appointment.

  • At 40 my husband and I were excited to start a family and while we knew it might not be easy, we were hopeful that we could conceive naturally. When it didn't happen immediately, Dr. Ana encouraged us to not give up on our dream, and kept us hopeful. To our absolute delight and surprise, after 18 months I conceived! The pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum were healthy times and our one-year old Gracie is our greatest treasure.
    - Cynthia (43 yrs.), Fertility
  • After I had my first baby I had gained so much weight that I also suffered from depression. I joined the food, exercise and health coaching program at HBC and after six months I was fifty-five pounds lighter! At conferences a year later, people who knew me well didn't recognize me until they heard me speak, and then they were speechless!
    - Sharon (38 yrs.), Weight loss
  • I am so lucky to have found Heavenly Bodies Clinic! I can't believe how much better I feel. Usually I'm so tired all the time during allergy season that all I can do is veg after work.  But, after the first treatment the fatigue was gone, I had a lot of energy and was mentally bright. I'm already feeling so much better after one treatment for my allergies that I'm happily considering getting pregnant without worrying whether I'll have the stamina to go through a pregnancy.
    - Rachel (33 yrs.), Seasonal allergy; fertility
  • I had a GREAT result from treatment last night. My right side feels so much better!!!! I was so used to years of pain that when I woke up with NO PAIN after the treatment, I actually felt “weird.” It took me a few minutes to realize the weird feeling was me not being in pain! and I actually felt good! Last night I had so much energy that I got an amazing amount of work done. My head is clear and bright and I feel like a different person today. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    - William (48 yrs.), Unexplained back pain; fatigue
  • Weekly Cranial Sacral therapy makes my teenage son happier and better able to handle his diagnosis of ADD. Tammy has become his (and mine!) go-to person when we need help handling the strains of teenage life. She makes it possible for him to have calmer and more responsible interactions with his teachers and coaches. Recently he was benched for bad language and he insisted on going to see Tammy. She helped him work through his own anger and frustration with treatment and then she helped him form a plan to explain what happened, get back on the team, and keep a cool head in the future. She’s a miracle worker!
    - Tania talking about her son, Charlie (15 yrs.), ADD